• Genre:R&B, Hip-Hop


According to V his earliest recollection of music came as a two year old who would spend hours lying on the floor with his ear glued to a speaker! In his mid teens he was sneaked into local nightclubs by his older friends, and was exposed to the world of club culture. Instantly hooked – he fell in love with the club experience. He found himself studying the energy in the room, the emotions of the crowd and the power of the music; all under the spell of one person. That’s when he knew he was going to be a DJ.

V first experimented with mixing in 1994, and from that point on practised wherever he could get his hands on the equipment. His musical taste was broadening, and every spare penny was spent on music, “diggin’ in the crates” for good music, on any format, from present and past. In an attempt to spread his love for the music V would make his own mix tapes every month – these tapes would become more sought after as his DJ skills developed.

After starting out in local venues, and private parties, V would then move on to radio and the surrounding club scene, his skills in increasing demand. In more recent years he has taken to the London circuit, making uest appearances far and wide, and has secured his addition to the global roster of the renowned ‘Funk’, ‘Fresh’n’Funky’, “Twice as Nice” and “Peaches and Cream” promotion brands.

V has held down an impressive list of residencies and guest spots including 11 years in Ayia Napa’s largest club “Castle Club”, regular sets elsewhere in Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Scotland and right across his home country. He has worked with some of urban music’s biggest names from artists to DJs including Ne-Yo, Jay Sean, Joe and Mariah Carey to Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood and Shortee Blitz (over 50 shows)

With influences ranging from the early Motown sound to todays Detroit Soul, the music that defines Vs set is quite simply Soul music

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